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The Yellow Dragon Songfic. :iconaaronladoy1:aaronladoy1 9 10
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The Yellow Demon Songfic. :iconaaronladoy1:aaronladoy1 11 7
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Double Songfic Family Rwby. :iconaaronladoy1:aaronladoy1 11 9


RWBY X Male-HawkEye Reader: M*A*S*H 4077 Part 1
This is for fun and to be when I need a small break from bigger projects. Hope you enjoy!
( In a AU where are Grimm are Human’s and they plan to take over the world. )
I was in my tent having a martini with Jaune and Ren.
Me: Gentlemen we are getting a fresh batch of nurses. You know what this means.
Jaune: Hawkeye what are talking about?
Me: Girls man! How can you not be excited for someone new around this dull place.
Ren: My friend Nora is one of them, it’s been about a year now.
Me: Congrats man, already going for them.
Ren: Nora and I aren't dating.
The bus came rolling into the compound.
I get up and head out to see the new nurses.
They all line up as our commanding officer Colonel Winter stands waiting for us.
The guys and I walk up and the ginger tackles Ren into a hug.
Me: Well isn't this turning out great.
I look over the new girls.
Winter: Nurses, Welcome to M*A*S*H
:iconhazyphantom:HazyPhantom 21 20
RWBY x Male Reader : the shapeshifter 2/?
Before I start there is something I need to say. Holy Crap you guys rock the last chapter got  12 favorites . I guess that means I have to continue this. So might as well.
Chapter 2: The decision .
Nobody's pov : In the last chapter we met Shadow the shapeshifter aka YOU . You were currently on the top of one of the buildings in Vale. How you got up is simple. You flew  up there in bird form. Your parents were close friends with Summer Rose, Raven , Qrow and various others. You were deciding if enrolling in Beacon  Academy was a good choice or not. A few of the things you remember about   your father is that is first name was Shouji. He taught you how to use a sword at young age . Shortly after their deaths you became the assassin known as Shadow. Your weapons name is called shadow blade. As an assassin it pays a good amount each  time. Your mothers first name was Onyx. Let's see what's going on with you .
Location : t
:iconjpshadows:JPSHADOWS 10 4
Korra x Male reader! Seas of change! Part 1
This is my first Avatar story! I hope you all enjoy! And let me know if you thought it was good! I appreciate the feedback!
You had just turned 21... A magical age for some... Just another day for you... You were one of the "not so fortunate" in Republic City. You had a job as a fresh produce seller on the streets of Republic City... You worked with your boss, Yung-wan (made him up), he hired you because you were once a homeless kid on the streets, begging for food... You didn't know your parents...Yung-wan hired you in payment for food and a place to stay... You stayed with him ever since... You were 15 when he found you...
You woke up, and got ready for work selling fresh food... You worked outside, so you always got to see familiar faces all around... You then see 3 little faces that you always liked seeing.
Jinora: (y/n)!
Ikki: It's (y/n)!
Meelo: (y/n)!!!!
(y/n): Hey kids!
Pema: Hello (y/n)
(y/n): Hey Pema, how's the baby?
Pema: Good, it's kicking from tim
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 107 18
(Male) Reader X Yandere!Miku: I do love you
(Y/N)= Your Name
{____}= what someone is thinking
Kohai= Someone who is a younger year than you. Usually in highschool.
Senpai= Someone who is a older year than you. Usually in highschool.
About you: You are the friend of your crush, Miku Hatsune. Kaito is your best friend and you all go to the same highschool. Miku is in 11th grade your in 9th.
DINGDINGDING! Your class gets up and walks out of class after the bell rings and you meet up with your best friend, Kaito, near his locker. "What's up dude?" You do your handshake before knocking heads together and Kaito replies.
"Not much. Just passed a math test." You nod in acknowledgement and on your way to lunch you and Kaito meet up with Miku.
"Hey Miku." You look up at the slightly taller girl and try to hide your slight shade of blush.
"Um... H-Hi (Y/N)..." You feel Kaito push you into her, and before you know it your lips and Miku's lips are interlocked.
{Oh no! What's she gonna think??} You try to pull away from the kiss but Miku wrap
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 37 9
The tailed beast (Male reader x Rwby insert) 3
(Next day)
Y/n: (yawns) That was a good sleep. (goes to locker and changes) I wonder who's going to be in my team.
Jaune: This is so ridiculous I remember that I did not put my stuff in locker 636. (looks around more)
Y/n: (looks at the locker next to him) Jaune it's over here.
Jaune: Oh thanks. (opens locker then hears Weiss talking) You know Weiss I was thinking maybe you and me would make a good team.
???: Actually, I think the teams are comprised of four students each and hello Jaune.
Jaune: Hi (smiles) hot stuff how would you like to be in my team?
Weiss: Do you have any idea who your talking to?
Jaune: Not the slightest, snow angel.
Weiss: This is Pyrrha.
Pyrrha: Hello again.
Weiss: Pyrrha graduated top of her class at Sanctum.
Jaune: Never heard of it.
Weiss: Ugh, she's won the Mistral Regional Tournaments four years in a row! A new record.
Jaune: The what?
Y/n: (closes locker) She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flake
:iconrulerofthedarkness:Rulerofthedarkness 21 12
RWBY: Ruby Rose X Male Reader Part 2
(a/n): Wow! I got like over 100 views in one day from the part 1 and I’m so happy about it! Thanks guys! Well…here’s the part 2. I hope you enjoy it :)
After the Ozpins speech is over, every student had to sleep in the ballroom for one night before the initiation for the first year students starts…
(y/n): Well looks like we all have to sleep here huh?
(Hector): Yup! And there’s sure a lot of cute girls here *Looking around the ballroom*
Hector then winked to a girl and she started to blush and turned away.
(Jaune): Wow, Hector you are so cool
(Hector): Hehe, thanks Jaune
(y/n): Yeah right…
(Hector): Of course I am! I had like 4 girlfriends
(y/n, Jaune): Oh… wait, *cough* 4 girlfriends?!
(y/n): How come I never knew about that?
(Hector): Well… the relationship with each girl didn’t go so well and they didn’t last so long so umm… yeah
(y/n, Jaune)
:iconlittlewizard2:LittleWizard2 24 10
BigDaddy!Male!Reader x LittleSister!Ryuko Matoi 3

Third part! Honestly...before i wrote these,I hardly ever got any recognition, but now! Since i'm writing these, everyone loves me!? *inhale* okay okay. i'm good. onto the story.
    "Dad?" Ryuko questioned. Her eyes were glossy with tears. She ran to you and hugged you tight, you hugged back. "'re alive!" the Mankanshoku family looked in confusion as the dark haired tomboy hugged you. "So, I take you two know each other?" Sukuyo said,breaking the silence.
~timeskip brought to you by big daddy doll~
    "so,Ryuko,how did you and?" "I used to call him Mr.(your first initial) but...I don't know his real name." Ryuko laughs a bit,hugging your arm tighter. Barzaro continued "right Mr.(Y/F/I) here meet?
:iconaidenthehedgehog6000:aidenthehedgehog6000 23 4
Rwbyxmalereader part3
Ruby: Well, I have this. Brings out scythe.
Jaune: Woah, is that a scythe?
Ruby :  It's also a customizable high impact sniper rifle.
Jaune: Whaa?
Reader: It’s also a gun.
Jaune: Oh.
Ruby: So what do you have Jaune?
Jaune: Well, I have this sword.
Ruby: Oooo.
Reader: Oh, a sword, people don’t have any appreciation for the classics anymore. I always say if it is broken grimm it. Okay, that was a terrible pun and I immediatly regret it.
J a u n e : I also have this. Extends shield
Ruby: So what does it do?
Jaune: If I get tired of carrying it, I can retract it and put it on my belt.
Reader: Wouldn’t it still weigh the same?
Jaune: Yeah it does.
Ruby: So, (y/n) what weapon do you have?
Reader: I haven’t finished making mine yet, oh by the way did you make your scythe?
Ruby: Yeah how did you know?
Reader: Well it’s just that most people don’t know how to make a scythe, I only know one other person who has made a scythe of this caliber, and he teache
:iconeaglesplayer29:eaglesplayer29 12 2
Lugia X Male!Reader pt:1
It was a bright day in Mahogany Town. [~], a Pokemon trainer, was up at The Lake Of Rage with his partner Pokemon and best friend in the world, Lugia. Unlike most trainers in the Johto region who would have a Rattatta or one of the lucky ones to have a starter, [~]'s first Pokemon was Lugia. As of right now, the two were in combat with the Red Gyarados.
"Lugia, finish it off with Extrasensory!" [~] shouted a command. Lugia listened, and hit the Gyarados with a powerful attack. "Now, [~]!" Lugia said, via telepathy(not the ability, just in general). He obeyed his partner and threw a Net Ball, and successfully caught the Gyarados. "Alright! We did it!" [~] shouted. Lucia flew back over and nuzzled [~], affectionately. "Woah! You've got a Lugia!" [~] turned around to see some kid gawking at Lugia, a Sandshrew at his side. "Can I trade you my Sandshrew for it?" The Sandshrew looked both startled and offended, were as Lugia got a bit defensive of [~]. "Sorry, but I'm not looking to trade...
:iconskokul-the-dragon:Skokul-The-Dragon 43 10
NamiXMaleReader - More than Money - Part 1

Part 1.
A/N:Welll this fic is actually going to be a long one it's going to have a bit of all, from drama, betrayal, fight between friends and maybe a happy ending? I’m still thinking about the ending but if you guys like it let me know to actually try and give you guys an excellent ending, Please comment what are your toughs on this fic and maybe what will you like to see? i will try and fit it into the story if i can, Sorry for any typos again. And don't worry NicoRobin lovers i am thinking in another one for her as well.
You still remember the day you met bell-mere she was like mother to you, while you been an orphan from a young age you resorted to stealing to try and live while sleeping in caves that were near the village but one day you met this amazing woman, you managed to steal some bread form the lo
:iconyoos2210:Yoos2210 39 17
(Male) Reader X Stubborn!Konan Chpt. 15
 (Y/N)= your name
 {____}= What someone is thinking
 Author's note: Hey guys it's just me sitting here eating ramen. Hope you all enjoy, lemme know what ya think in the comments what ya think!!!
 You shut the door as you enter a house. "HEY YOU CAN'T BE HERE!" You glare at them.
 "You have ten seconds to get out."
 "YEAH RIGHT! THIS IS OUR HOME!!!" You hold your hands in a symbol and the ground shakes.
 "10...9...8...7...6...5..." The floor starts to crack.
 "OKAY WE'LL LEAVE!!!" They dash out.  You let go of your hands and the ground repairs.
 "What do you want Konan?" She sits down on the couch.
 "I... I don't know how to explain it. I don't remember the last time I felt the way I feel around you... I guess it just makes me angry that I don't know how to explain it..." You smile and sit next to her. "Why are you smiling (Y/N)?"
 "Bruh you be crushing on me?" She glares and punches you, causing you go laugh. "Hey! I wa
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 19 37
Unravel: Tokyo Ghoul x OP Half Ghoul male reader
Name: (Y/N) (L/N)
Alias: Kitsune/nine tailed beast
Age:rumored to be 19
Weakness:....none so far in behavior
Status: unknown
Abilitys:monstrous strength,excellent regenerative Abilitys,tromendous amounts of stamina and speed,can jump more than 20 feet high,other Abilitys are unknown yet.
Kagune type: unknown but similar to rinkaku(shining scales)
Also has obtained kakuja but has rumored to take different forms of kakuja,rumors say he has a full armored kakuja(like the one eye'd owl) but that topic is still being speculated.
Description: warning rank sss! Do not approach unless you have at least the entire ccg behind your back,reports say he has been witnessed to reside in a coffee shop named Anteiku in the 20th ward of tokyo....
--let's start shall we?!----(sneak peak)
You had been sitting listening to hides rants about how kanta(female kaneki) won't ever get a boyfriend while you lightly slapped him on th
:iconmunchingpotatoes:MunchingPotatoes 35 259
(Male) Reader X Stubborn!Konan Chpt. 5
 (Y/N)= your name
 {____}= What someone is thinking
 Author's note: okay, so the you do not punch except when fighting with either anger or fun. When it is a serious fight or to set a example, you push with your palms like Neji. You also have to remember, you have jutsu, and a katana. The skills you have shown, are only a fraction of your power. In other words: You are strong enough to take down Kuruma by yourself.
 You walk with Tobi behind Konan. "Pssst. (Y/N)..." Tobi whispers putting his hand over his mouth.
 "Yeah..." You whisper and do the same.
 "What do you think of her butt?"
 "It's probably a 9.991 out of 10."
 Konan hears you and stomps then stops. "THAT'S IT!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD LOOKING I AM!!! (Y/N) YOUR SO CUTE YOUR ANNOYING!!!" She covers her mouth when she hears what she says.
 You raise your index finger at her. "Did yo-"
:iconderpyjackson:derpyjackson 18 15
Noble 6(M!S!Reader x Kat)
Chapter 1: New Six
"Can't believe Thomas is gone." Emile said, scarping his armor with his knife.
"It's been a year Emile, he did the right thing too." Carter said, looking at the monitor.
"We're getting a new recruit, where is he?" Emilie said.
"Patience Emilie."
"Don't give me that Jun shit." Emile pointed his knife to Jorge.
"Cut the chatter, Holland is on the line. Colonel."
"I'm reading you Commander."
"Here's your stop." The Marine said too the man next to him in the seat.
This man was named Spartan B312, his real name, (F/N) (L/N).
He had a Mark-V helmet with a CNM attachment with a Mark-V shoulder plate on his right arm, and a ODST shoulder plate on his left, a HP/Parafoil chest-plate, a Tactical/UGPS on his left wrist, a UA/CHOBHAM on his left thigh, and Grenadier knee guards. His Visor was black, and his armor was Black for primary, and Teal for secondary.
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 63 34
RvB Rogue Agent (M/Reader x Carolina) 2
Chapter 2: Freelancer
"Jesus, why do you idiots have to yell so loud, and keep it down, I don't want fucking Tex to know!" You said at them.
They were wearing their helmets, but they had shocked expressions on their faces, Caboose wakes up.
"Morning (F/N)! Hi Chi!" Caboose said happily.
"Hello Michael, good to see you again." Oh the expressions you wished to see behind those helmets.
"Wait, Caboose you knew?!" Tucker yelled.
"Yes he knew, I told him before when I was still a Freelancer, where's Tex?"
"She's not here." Church said.
"Well then, I'll get my armor on and be outside with Lopez."
"H-Hey, you still need to explain this shit! Or I'll tell Tex!" You already had your armor on and stopped dead in your tracks, you look at him with a menacing glare, your helmet wasn't on so it made you look scary.
"You. Wouldn't. DARE." You hissed at him.
"I don't think that would be wise, because once (F/N) gets violent, there will only be bits
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 50 13
MysticxSatsuki: Deserving
"Finishing move: Thread Stripper!"
Ryuuko swung the Scissor Blade around as she sliced through her opponent's Ultima Uniform. Specifically that of the recent Three Star student, Mystic Supekutoramu. The black-haired teen fell to the ground, as his uniform dissolved into nothingness, one of it's single Life Fibers absorbing into Senketsu.
"That's the fifth Ultima Uniform this month, Senketsu! At this rate, we'll get to Satsuki in no time," the girl exclaimed, as her uniform reverted back to his dormant form. But while Ryuuko was celebrating her latest victory, her adversary, lay on the hard ground of the Honnoji Academy courtyard, tired, panting, and spiritually shattered. Mystic had sworn to lay down his life for Satsuki, to protect her until his final breath. And yet there he lay, defeated, stripped of his Ultima Uniform, powerless. Turning his head to the side, the glasses-wearing teen found his Pencil Blade still in hand, hardly scratched. And he was now, hardly worthy of even carry
:iconmystic2760:Mystic2760 3 2



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Reader's Pov

*Y/n was floating in a dark abyss seeing nothing at all except a small purple and red light floating in front of him. Those lights danced around him light they wanted to play a game with him. He laughed at the cute lights bump into each other with great speed. Y/n start to wake up and see you were in some kind of hut with Kagome and her friends? HE smiled looking at Kagome fast asleep on a mat near by. Y/n was thinking about what just happen and how he got hurt. Then he remembered running into a fight to protect some kind of shards. Y/n got up wincing abit from pain in his right arm but pushed it off walking out side to see where he was.*

"Now if I'm correct I fell into a well and ended up in some other place." *He said out loud as Kaede was watching him like hawk.*

"You must be very confused Y/n" Kaede said being right behind him making him jump into the air landing on his ass.

"You could have given me a heart attack old women!!!!" Y/n Shouted at the old hag.

"I might be old but if your here that means someone here is you ancestor. Your in the past my friend."*Kaede said with a calm voice trying not to scare the boy off.*

"So your saying I time traveled by falling into Bone Breaker's well. Well that answers some questions I have. Now who are you?" *Y/n said with a gentle voice and caring smile.*

"I'm Kaede the village leader and shrine maiden." *Y/n just nodded and thought about the stories he read about the past and all the demon and human wars of the past.*

"So if I'm here I must have a purpose right? It's not a mistake that's how I ended up here." *HE said walking off down the road smiling like a sun the could be on earth without burning everything around it. Y/n was walking for about 2 hours and decided to take a seat on a hill over looking a river. He layed down looking at the sky not caring much about anything going on right now.*

"Hello there. Are you lost?"*Y/n heard a gentle voice like silk touching skin for the first time and looked up to see a woman in a white and red Kimono with a bow on her.*

"Well Kinda. I just trying to figure what my purpose is being here at this time. Oh I'm so sorry. I'm Y/n  S/n. Now may I know your name miss?"*Y/n said with a calm voice and polite tone.*

"My name is...."

CLiffhanger so sorry

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Hey Guys guess what I kicking my first story up again but gonna rewrite the second chapter because I t was too short and I have improved over my time here so keep you eye out for it ok?

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So I'm about to hit 100 watchers and I shocked that I made it this far. So until then I will have poll on another site since I cant make one her, The poll is for what song I will write to for a song fic.

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Hello my friends and watchers. I think I kept you waiting long enough for the next chapter of my crazy idea. I'm back now and here to show you what my mind has made.

Y/n - Your Name
S/n - Sure Name
F/c - Favorite Color
Age - 18
Power - Harmonic Modifier ( Name was created by a good person )
vehicle - 1994 dodge viper (if you can figure out why that certain year then I will give you a special surprise.)

Y/n pov

*I was sitting in the bleachers of the football field listening to my music relaxing after my first day of my new life at Bayville High School. I search through my playlist looking for a song to listen to when I hear some getting beat up on the field. I look down and saw Todd getting picked on by the football team and I wanted to help but I was nobody and Had very few skills in fighting. I got up and bump the play button and song started to play. Inside me there was a click and I felt different like I could take on a army by myself.*

Professor X's pov

*I was in Cerebro looking for any new mutants, When I was struck with huge surge of power. I scanned and found a young lad at bayville high school. He is a omega mutant and his powers and unknown. I use my power to contact jean and scott.*

"Jean, Scott There is a new mutant at your school and his powers have just awoken. Hurry he is at the football field."*I thought to them and left it in their hands.*

Y/n pov.
(  play this song… )
*I was standing on the bleachers slowly moving down them towards the football team and todd. I felt alive and unstoppable. I step off the bleacher and make it into the middle of the field having one ear bud in my left ear. I stood behind them clenching my fist. I notice some other classmates of mine enter through the bleachers. IT was Jean and Scott from my science class.*

"HEY DUNCAN!!! LEAVE TODD ALONE RIGHT NOW.!!!"*I shouted and the team stop kicking todd in the gut and looked at me. I  did not faulted.*

"Oh your the new kid Y/n right? What are you going to do if we don't huh?"*He said swing his right fist at me with force. The song in my bud stopped and change into another song.  (Play this now… ) I dodge his fist and push it to the side. He swings at me again with his left fist and I caught flipping him over my shoulder and he got up again run me and I preform and swiping low kick on his leg making him fall and hit the dirt. I smile looking at him and He nodded sending to of his friends at me. I grin and leap over them hit the back of their necks knocking them out. I then went over to todd lowering my hand to him to help. He took my hand and picked him up letting him run away.*

"Now I suggest you leave now before anyone else gets hurt. I wish to not harm anyone else unless I need to."*I said in a calm voice and the football team leaves and look around after my music stops*

"What was that? How did I do all of that? Am I a Mutant? What is happening?"*I said as I start to panic about the events that just took place. I get up and run off the field to the parking lot to my car. I get in and start it driving home fast. I park my car and rush inside my house slamming the door shut. My mom and sister heard the door and came over to me in the living room.*

"Y/n are you alright? Did school go bad for you?"*My mother asked me in a calm voice. I got up and hugged her tight being scared. All the fear of helping todd out against the entire football team hit with force.*

"Mom I think I'm---"*I was cut off by the doorbell and My sister answered the door.*"Hello my Name is Charles Xavier and this Jean Grey and Scott Summers. We are here to talk to your mother and brother. May we please come in?"*My sis let them in and they saw me breaking down with my mother. They sat on the couch and me and my mom sat on the love seat.*

"Hello Miss S/n. I'm Charles and I run and school to help gift children understand their unique skills. I have reason to think that you son is a mutant. Jean and Scott here saw you son fight three football stars picking on someone. HE was able to take them down in a few minutes and I can see he was about to tell you that he thinks he is a mutant."

*He said looking at me and I look at him. My mom was not shocked or scared at all. She was smiling and my sister came in and smiled as well.*

"Is this true Y/n?"*She said in a calm voice looking at me.*

"Yes Mother. What he is saying is the truth. I do something I would never do. I stood up the entire team and fought three of them with ease to help a fellow classmate named todd.."*I stated and she nodded.*

"We would like young Y/n to come and learn to control his gifts at my school. He will be able to live there."*He stated and I got up and walked out of the room without a word. I went upstairs to my room and turned on my music player. (… ) I layed on my bed listening to the song and felt the world are me was in pain and It needed help but I did not know what was going and I cried aloud feeling everyone who was hurting and sad. I fell off my bed and hit my head knocking myself out and everyone down stairs heard the bang and rushed upstairs opening my door seeing me on the floor out cold.

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So I was on youtube just searching amvs when this one song hit my like lighting giving my a super idea for a songfic. Also to all my readers and watchers I now work so stories will take longer to post and since I do not have alot of free time.

Song Broken Girl
Artist Matthew West

This songfic takes place write after weiss ask klein for help to leave her home. I decide to think her asking is two days before she leave so this take place one day before weiss leaves.

No One's Pov

Weiss is sitting in her room waiting for the night so she could leave atlas and find her friends. Her door opens to show her father standing there with a ticket for a charity event concert that the schnee family was in invited to along with alot of altas money makers. Th event was to rise money for beacon and Fanaus in order to help the world grow as a whole. The Schnee Family left to the concert hall and got to their seats seeing James Ironwood in the same vip booth as them.

Y/n Pov

I was backstage thinking about everything that has happened since the fall of beacon and I knew my crush would understand the meaning of the song I wrote for her. I quit training to be a hunter and decided to help in my own way by singing and raising money for people. I heard the stage attendant tell me I had five minutes before show time. I smile fix mt F/c hoodie and look at myself in the mirror. I walk out onto stage and wait. I see the band I hired arrive and got to their instruments. The red curtain opened up and and smile.

"Hello  Atlas and everyone who has come here to chip in for the charity. I know most of you do not know who I am. I'm Y/n S/n and I was a hunter before the fall of beacon but now I help in my own way to raise money for others and not care about how people look at me. My name means nothing to me and It's the person that shows the world that they are better then the stuck rich people and better the The idiot who runs the schnee company."

I say into the mic shocking everyone and I had no care in the world. MR. Schnee was furious and glaring at me. While James looked at my interest and wiess knew one person that would be bold like. She smiled and I grab the mic nodding my head to start the band.  (…  )

"Look what he's done to you
It isn't fair
Your light was bright and new
But he didn't care
He took the heart of a little girl
And made it grow up too fast"

The crowd was listening to the song as wiess was tapping her finger on her chair listening to the message.

"Now words like innocence
Don't mean a thing
You hear the music play
But you can't sing
Those pictures in your mind
Keep you locked up inside your past
This is a song for the broken girl
The one pushed aside by the cold, cold world
You are
Hear me when I say
You're not the worthless they made you feel
There is a Love they can never steal away
And you don't have to stay the broken girl"

I take my hat off show my arctic fox ears and let my tail free started singing louder.

"Those damaged goods you see
In your reflection
Love sees them differently
Love sees perfection
A beautiful display
Of healing on the way tonight

Jame ironwood was smiling seeing someone else defend wiess.

This is a song for the broken girl"
The one pushed aside by the cold, cold world
You are
Hear me when I say
You're not the worthless they made you feel
There is a Love they can never steal away
And you don't have to stay the broken girl"

*I was singing louder and blowing the crowd away with the song as wiess gets up and starts smiling and crying tears of joy.

"Let your tears touch the ground
Lay all your shattered pieces down
And be amazed by how Grace can take a broken girl
And put her back together again"

The crowd was sucked into the song and swaying together as wiess run out of the booth and to the back of the stage with my still singing.

This is a song for the broken girl
The one pushed aside by the cold, cold world
You are
Hear me when I say
You're not the worthless they made you feel
There is a Love they can never steal away
You don't have to stay the broken girl, girl
You don't have to stay the broken girl, girl
You don't have to stay the broken girl

*I finish singing and leave the stage hearing the claps from the audience and I see wiess and she tackles me down and press her lips against mine shocking me. I was stunned and never thought I would be ever kissing my sweet snow goddess. I get up and see her father grabbing her arm and pulling her away from me and I step in front of him and glare.*

"Move out of my way you filthy animal. You are nothing but a waste of space that is why you are not good enough for my daughter and that is why you are to weak to be a hunter or a hero for your kind."*He said with venom.*

"You just made three big mistakes. One you insulted my dream. Two you called my a filthy animal when you are lower then me. You know why because you care about your name and company more then what matters to your family. Three you I'm not animal fighting for my kind. I fighting for everyone and you are the darkness that needs to leave for that to happen."

*I say in a calm tone and looking at him as Ironwood is watching this scene unfold. I move closer and grab his wrist that is holding wiess and remove it from her. and push him back while pulling wiess towards me.*

"Also you are not the right person to run that company that right person standing next to me. SO either leave now or sick your hounds on me. But be warned you do option two you will regret it."

*I state look at him with cold eyes and he calls the security and they surround me and he throws a false statement that I hit him and trying to kidnap wiess. I let go of wiess and look at the guards and one runs at me and I stand still not moving at all and he stops in his tracks looking at a confident male in front of him. The guard states to back off and the others as well leaving me alone out of fear what might happen. I step forward grabbing the asshole and lift him off the ground tossing him onto the stage. I walk away kissing my girl wiess taking her out of the concert hall to do our mission to find our friends.*
There are some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends"


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